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Freeport Grand Bahamas Vs. Roatan?

Freeport Grand Bahamas Vs. Roatan?

I recently got back from a vacation trip to Freeport Grand Bahamas with my 4 year old son and my husband. Being an islander myself, I’ve always wondered what the fuzz was all about “THE BAHAMAS”, “OH THE MAGNIFICENT BAHAMAS” that everyone keeps talking about. The Cruise was great. We started our exploring early that morning. The island was much bigger than my hometown, and I began to think that maybe it is different after all, until the bus hits the first pothole. “Nope, it is just like home,” I smirked at my husband. We cruised down to what the bus driver called “the best beach on the island” Taino Beach. We anxiously scrambled out the bus and made way to the beach to see for ourselves. When we got there, our eyes glanced forward in-taking every aspect of it, then looking all the way left, all the way right, and back at each-other both thinking is this it? The water was clear without amazement, the sand was white but not glistering, and there was an old Palapa Bar at the entrance in desperate need of TLC; but I must declare that the people were very amiable. Needless to say we didn’t stay long, only enough to order a drink to quench our thirst. We got another shuttle to what the lady driver described as “The best resort on the island with the best private beach,” The Grand Lucayan. Again, we got there with the highest of expectations. The Casino facade at the entrance of the resort was impressive. As we paid our fees and made way through to the beach in hopes for the best, once again we were caught staring at each-other saying “Is this it?” The beach was very small with rocks in some parts, the water was crystal clear but un-inviting to us, the sand was white but not powdery; so we spent part of the day in the pool (not very appealing I know for an island vacation) and walking through the small market nearby filled with an assortment of souvenirs. In short, the visit was okay but far from mind-blowing or “magnificent”. We filled our curiosity and left the island wanting.

No offense to the Bahamian people or to Freeport Gran Bahamas, I must proclaim that the island has nothing over my beautiful home, Roatan. For the first time in my life, it really put things into perspective and I truly appreciated my hometown, its fabulous beaches, astonishing resorts, breathtaking views, and all that it has to offer. Thank you Freeport Grand Bahamas for your hospitality, but I don’t think I’ll be coming back. I choose Roatan!

In summary, if you are looking for a beach getaway, Roatan should definitely be on the list to visit. There is definite truth in TripAdvisor’s ranking “Roatan as 3rd Best Island in the world”, and I’m proud to call it HOME!